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The SPR Residents enjoyed some late summer sun with activities in the garden and a trip on the King Fisher Boat.

       Summer Fun 01         Summer Fun 03        Summer Fun 04   

     Summer Fun 12       Summer Fun 10      Summer Fun 09

     Summer Fun 11    Summer Fun 13    Summer Fun 07

     Summer Fun 06     Summer Fun 08     Summer Fun 05      


In early September, the St Peters Row residents enjoyed a summer fete in the garden. There were lots of stalls and games, including bric-a-brac, tin can alley, ball in the bucket, hoopla, feed the pig, name the teddy and guess the animal sound. We had an ice cream man and later on everyone enjoyed hot dogs and lemonade. As you can see, it was a fun afternoon for the residents!

Fete 01    Fete 02    Fete 03  

Fete 04    Fete 05    Fete 06

Fete 08  Fete 09

The SPR students have spent some time in the Barn enjoying the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and have made these amazing pieces of artwork.

 Caterpillar1   Caterpillar2   Caterpillar7   Caterpillar8   Caterpillar9

                   Caterpillar4    Caterpillar5  

                   Caterpillar6   Caterpillar10


The SPR students have been learning about the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso and created these pictures of faces in his style.

Pablo1  Pablo2  Pablo3  Pablo4  Pablo5

The SPR students learnt about the artist Jackson Pollock.
They put a piece of paper in the bottom of a shallow box and poured some paint in and rolled marbles in the paint to create patterns.

                 Art7   Art9   Art12

                           Art6   Art10


The students (and staff) had some fun in the garden creating some Jackson Pollock style splatter paintings.

                                      Art1  Art2  Art3  Art4


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