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The SPR students have spent some time in the Barn enjoying the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and have made these amazing pieces of artwork.

 Caterpillar1  Caterpillar2  Caterpillar7  Caterpillar8  Caterpillar9

                   Caterpillar4   Caterpillar5 

                   Caterpillar6  Caterpillar10


The SPR students have been learning about the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso and created these pictures of faces in his style.

Pablo1 Pablo2 Pablo3 Pablo4 Pablo5

The SPR students learnt about the artist Jackson Pollock.
They put a piece of paper in the bottom of a shallow box and poured some paint in and rolled marbles in the paint to create patterns.

                 Art7  Art9  Art12

                           Art6  Art10


The students (and staff) had some fun in the garden creating some Jackson Pollock style splatter paintings.

                                      Art1 Art2 Art3 Art4

The SPR students and staff enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt in our beautiful Scotts garden in the lovely sunshine.

                        Easter Hunt1  Easter Hunt2  Easter Hunt4  Easter Hunt5

The SPR students all worked very hard and produced these beautiful felt Easter eggs.

                       Felt Egg1  Felt Egg2  Felt Egg3  Felt Egg4

                       Felt Egg5  Felt Egg6  Felt Egg7  Felt Egg10

These are some awesome Easter Bonnets made by the guys they had a great time being creative! Smiles all round!

         Easter Bonnet1  Easter Bonnet2 Easter Bonnet3 Easter Bonnet4  Easter Bonnet5


The SPR students all made a hat for Wear a Hat Day on Friday 26th March 2021 for Brain Tumour Research.

They also enjoyed a Mad Hatter's afternoon Tea.

      Tea Party Hats1  Tea Party Hats2  Tea Party Hats3

      Tea Party Hats4  Tea Party Hats5  Tea Party Hats6


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