Sometimes, a service user may learn enough and become so confident that they want to move on to living without live in support.


Welsey settled in to the Willows in 2008 and made a new start to his life.

Over the years at The Willows, Welsey has grown in confidence and become a much more independent individual, thanks to the support he has received from the staff and his house mates. Wesley enjoyed studying at K College via our person centred care and made some really good friends in Tonbridge.

After leaving college, he found employment at Hale Place, cleaning.

Wesley is now in a position where he doesn't accept much help as he can do everything - takes himself to the gym, looks after his own room, cleans and does his own shopping online.

Welsey decided it was time to move on and take the next step to becoming even more independent.

Wesley has now moved into his own flat locally, one of eight, for people with learning disabilities with MacIntyre Care.  He is so confident with his travel that happily, he continues to attend our on site Day Centre.