This session provides opportunities, in small groups, to draw and paint, experiment with different colours, textures and techniques. You will explore the lives and works of famous artists and use this knowledge to give you ideas and enhance your own creativity.  You will develop your knowledge of observation, perspective and how to explore colour and textures.

Some sessions include photography and students learn how to use a camera to best effect.. Other sessions focus on pottery and decorative arts, where you might make, for example, jewellery, decorative boxes or scarves and ties.

Many of the art works are exhibited and some items, such as greetings cards or framed art, are sold to the public. You will help to produce designs and publicity posters for Scotts events, including shows.

This session will help you to develop important skills and give you greater independence, including:

  • Expressing your own creativity and making your own artworks or craft products
  • Develop fine motor skills and and hand / eye coordination
  • Gaining personal satisfaction from seeing some of your work put into exhibitions and sold to the public
  • Practical skills such as planning, numeracy, making decisions and attention to detail
  • Working independently on your own art work and also working with others on projects