This session enables you to stay in touch with current affairs and learn about the world today. The group looks at a wide range of media – papers, radio & TV, internet – discuss topical stories , share opinions and learn about what makes a great story.

You will use the skills that you have learned to work in the group and produce Scotts’ very own quarterly newspaper (Scotts News).

Interviews, articles, photography, graphic design and printing all come together in the fast paced action of ‘putting the paper to bed’. Not only do the group showcase their technical skills in producing the paper, but they are also involved in postal distribution to a wide audience of eager readers.

This course will help you to develop important skills and work towards greater independence, including:

  • Working as a team in the production of Scotts News
  • Planning and organising skills
  • Reading and general literacy skills
  • Learning how to express yourself– verbally and in writing
  • How to ask questions (interviewing) and listening skills
  • Finding out information from a wide range of media sources
  • Understanding other people’s points of view and emotions
  • IT and other technical skills such as photography and design

If you would like a recent copy of Scotts News, please contact us on 01732 378944, or email