This session has nature and the environment at its heart but also provides unlimited opportunities for you to carry out useful tasks to help the smooth running of Scotts and contribute to the society around you.  You will learn about sustainability both on an individual level and on a community level.

All activity is practical.  You will learn about the natural world and the environment. You will participate in recycling and upcycling projects and learn about symbols on packaging.  Some of these activities takes place in the gardens and surroundings of Scotts, but trips outside to parks and nature reserves provide variety and excitement.

You will also carry out vital Health & Safety checks around the Scotts site, checking for hazards and learning about basic first aid.  And you will also take on other jobs and roles as needed – there is never a dull moment for this group!

The group also supports other charities by collecting stamps, bottle tops, etc.

This session will help you to develop important skills and give you greater independence by,

  • Working with other people and managing relationships
  • How to plan and then carry out a set of practical activities
  • Numeracy, through designing and measuring
  • Safe working and how to identify hazardous situations